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VIBRANT GLAMOUR Stretch Marks Remover Cream



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NET WT:30g, 60g, 90g
Ingredient: hyaluronate collagen amino acids centella asiatica extract
Functions:Repair stretch marks
Advantage:helps reduce the appearance of marks and scars
Effect:improve relaxationdull restoredelicate smooth skin
Suitable Age:Unlimited
Suitable for:restore delicate smooth skin
Use for:Use on tummy.Use on breast.Use on hips.Uses on thighs
Quality Inspection:Qualified
Expiration Date:36 months


SAY GOODBYE STRETCH MARKS Skin firm and smooth Reduce the appearance of stretch marks improve hydration and supports stretching skin

Supports moisture retention and helps reduce the appearance of marks and scars Stretch marks due to pregnancy Orange peel Stretch marks due to rapid weight gain Stubborn lines

[ Main components ] Glycerol, butylene glycol,caprylic capric triglyceride, isodecyl isononanoate, buckberrytree (BUTYROSPERMUM PARK I) fruit fat, cetearyl alcohol, phyllacantha fibrosa extract, cetearyl glucosideGlycyrrhizia glabra extract, centella asiatica extract,dimethiconol, glucan Sugar, oatmeal extract,hydrolyzed salmonid protein, collagen amino acids,ceramide 1, acetyl hexapeptide, oligopeptidel,nicotinamide, tranexamic acid,Ascorbicacid,tocopherol (vitamin E), bisabolol, sodium hyaluronate [ Product efficacy ] Extract the natural plant nourishing essence,continuously release fresh and vigorous energy, mildand tender, especially for pregnant women to repairpregnancy lines by tightening and smoothening skin.Supports moisture retention and helps reduce theappearance of marks and scars, improve relaxationdull, rough fine lines and other skin problems, restoredelicate smooth skin [ Skin Types ] Suitable for various skin types [ Specifications ] (30g)

Prevents and improves stretch marks Forms a protective barrier for expanding bellies Reduce stretch marks due to pregnancy Makes skin smooth and firm Reduce stretch marks due to rapid weight gain Improves orange peel DURING PREGNANCY - Soften, smooth and plump skin while forming a protective moisture barrier for expanding bellies AFTER PREGNANCY - Improve the appearance of existing stretch marks

STRETCH MARKS DUE TO WEIGHT FLUCTUATION- Reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Improve hydration and supports stretching skin

PENETRATES SKIN DEEP STRENGTHENS SKIN REPAIRING Appearance of stretchmarks after pregnancy Rapid weight gain during pregnancy leads to the damages of skin fiber.Without skin care products, the damages cannot do self-repairing Stretch marks due to weight fluctuation Excessive subcutaneous fat deposit breaks the skin fiber leading to stretch marks Stretch marks due to teenage growth spurts During the period of teenage growth spurts,the growth of muscle and fat exceeds the skin easticity limits leading to the skin fiber damage

MAIN INGREDIENT Formulated with unique ingredients, the product is ideal for stretch mark proneareas and reduce the appearance the stretch marks during and after pregnancy CROCODILE -- Developed designed for the stretch marks of Mommy before and after the Production baby, it contains crocodile oil andcollagen amino acids repair ingredients, reduce stretchmarks and obesity lines caused by pregnancy, promotecell regeneration and enhance the elasticity of the skin

CENTELLA ASIATICAEXTRACT Added with centella asiatica extracts, it canhelp visibly improveskin elasticity BUCKBERRY TREEFRUIT FAT Helps to increase the moisture content of theskin, reducing itchiness caused by stretching, and making the skin appearmore smooth and supple

How does stretch marks come? Skin of tummy, hips, thighs and bust stretch heavily due to pregnancy or rapid weight gain Skin fiber breaks Collagen fiber damages Stretch marks appears Due to rapid belly expansion during pregnancy, the skin elasticity cannotsupport to its stretching, so the skin fiber breaks and stretch marks appear

Remember to massage the targeted partsevery morning and evening (3-5mins) Use on tummy Starting from your naval, massage your tummy in clockwise direction and outward difusion until apply evenly on your tummy Use on breast Starting from your cleavage, massage gently with. your finger pulp from bottom to top and from inner side to outside Use on hips Massage from inside to outside by pushing upward from the back of hips with your wrist Uses on thighs Starting from your knee, massage by pushing upward from the thigh back to hips.Apply evenly on your thighs till fully absorbed

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VIBRANT GLAMOUR Stretch Marks Remover Cream

VIBRANT GLAMOUR Stretch Marks Remover Cream